Business processes and operations are designed to, ideally, optimize efficiency, transparency and control. Complying to Halal and Halal certification requirements can seem to sometimes get in the way. Our expert professionals will study and review your current processes and find you solutions so that you can maintain the effective and control of your business whilst meeting Halal certification requirements.


Plant or factory layout design is a never an easy task. Facilities and resources such as equipment, personnel, material handling and storage, have to be placed in a manner that is efficient, productive, adequate and productive consistent with production flow. Experts at SAHL INTERNATIONAL work with your design team to ensure that while your business and operation goals are met; Halal certification requirements are not compromised.


Plans are important to the adoption of any quality management system. It can be a difficult process. It is a challenge putting plans into action across the company. Companies, big and small, old and new have a tendency to fail in the implementation stage. Many implementation fail because it is difficult to turn targets and goals into action that can be feasibly worked on. With planned implementation, SAHL INTERNATIONAL can reduce this.


To achieve successful award of Halal certification and its continued compliance requires the education of staff from various levels. Awareness and education of the basics, SOPs in Halal compliance, handling, and record keeping are all fundamental to quality management system. Using its vast experience and knowledge in Halal and Halal certification, SAHL INTERNATIONAL can help raise the level of compliance of any companies looking to be and stay Halal certified.


In any production of Halal products, there is always a risk of exposure to non-Halal substances. SAHL INTERNATIONAL will review these risks and work to minimize to eliminate them to ensure that Halal products are produced in an environment that is Halal every time, all the time.


Not all processes needs re-structuring when adopting quality management system-based Halal certification programmes. On many occasions when companies require process re-structuring, it can potentially be a significant one. If not done with expertise, wastages of resources are abounding.


Halal regulatory agencies and Fatwa (Islam Religious Edict) councils face numerous challenges in keeping policies relevant and fatwa research current, accurate and relevant. Experts at SAHL INTERNATIONAL can assist to plan, conduct and report them and ensure that such research is done with expertise, knowledge and education.


Getting into the Halal market, adopting the quality management system-based Halal certification programme, developing that Halal policy is challenging. And without hindsight can lead to failure. Expert professionals at SAHL INTERNATIONAL works with companies and governments brings insights, analyse trends to help ensure effective implementation.