Shahlan Hairalah

About Shahlan Hairalah

Shahlan Hairalah is the Chief Executive Officer and Principal, Halal Mangement Solutions of Sahl International Pte Ltd. He is trained in Biotechnology, Food Science, Business, Management and Marketing. He had held two concurrent portfolios while he was with Warees Investments Pte Ltd, which is the subsidiary of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis). He was the Manager of Warees Halal, its international division providing Halal services. Muis is a statutory board and is a regulator on matters pertaining to Halal in Singapore.

At the same time, Shahlan was also the Head, Halal Certification (International), Muis. He was the international face of Singapore’s Halal. He marketed Singapore’s brand of Halal internationally and succeeded in putting Singapore as among the top Halal certification brands in the world. He was the driving force behind the recognition of Singapore’s Halal certification by the governments in the GCC in 2006. He was highly involved in Singapore’s many FTA negotiations in matters pertaining to Halal.

Prior to 2006, he managed administration and operations of the Halal Certification Strategic Unit, Muis. He was the Chairman of the technical committee of Singapore’s Muis Halal Standards (SMHS) – General Guidelines for the Development, Implementation and Management of a Halal System and a key member of the religious committee of the SMHS in 2005.

Shahlan Hairalah had represented Singapore in ASEAN Working Group on Halal Food Guidelines in 2001, 2002 and 2005. He was a trainer in the Training of Trainers of ASEAN Halal Food Inspectors in 2001. He had also represented Singapore as Chief of Delegation for Singapore in the Halal Working Group under the Unofficial Meetings of Religious Ministers of Negara Brunei Darussalam, Republic of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore (MABIMS).

He is an expert in Halal conversions. They include the establishment of internal quality management system and training. Shahlan was instrumental in Halal projects of many international and local companies in the F&B and Hospitality sectors. In the manufacturing sector, Shahlan has worked very closely with the processed food, poultry and meat, and chemicals industry in providing developmental work, insights, advice and training on Halal, Halal certification and the Halal market.

Shahlan Hairalah had traveled extensively in his work on Halal and training on Halal. He has been invited to speak in many local and international conferences and lectures worldwide. In 2007, he had the privilege of sharing the same stage with asia’s best, in IE Forum 07, Singapore. He is a frequent speaker in the prestigious International Halal Food Conferences organized in Europe and USA. In 2008, he presented a strategic business paper on global Halal trade in Brussels, Belgium to many EU multi-national corporations.

He has been continuously awarded with the accreditation award of Business Management Consultant with Halal Specialization with SINGAPORE BUSINESS ADVISORS AND CONSULTANTS COUNCIL. This recognition scheme is strongly supported by Singapore’s Halal certification regulatory body. Shahlan is among a few to have attained this recognition.

About Dr. Hj Firdaus Hj Yahya

Firdaus Yahya is the Principal Consultant (Religious) for Sahl International. He is a well-rounded academic and an experienced practitioner in various fields. He attained his doctorate in Islamic Science and Masters in Prophetic Traditions and Sayings (Sunnah & Hadith) from the International Islamic University, Malaysia in 2012 and 2005 respectively. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Arabic Language and Literature from the world-renowned Al-Azhar University in Egypt in 1996.

After successfully completing his GCE ‘O’ Levels in 1990, he pursued and was awarded with Cambridge Diploma in Computer studies from the University of Cambridge in 1994. His technical and scientific passion did not stop there.He went on to complete a certificate program on Astronomy from the prestigious University of Leicester, UK in 2000.

He was an Executive with the Office of Mufti, from 1999 to 2001, in the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis), a statutory board and the authority on Islamic matters in Singapore. During his time in Muis, he had completed numerous research on religious-socio-economic matters. His works substantially contributed in the drafting of national policies and Fatwa (religious Edict) decisions.


Dr Hj Firdaus Hj Yahya

Even while pursuing his academic aspirations, Firdaus Yahya was actively involved in many aspects of the religious activities in Singapore and the region. One of his key involvements was being an important member of the religious committee for the Singapore Muis Halal Standard (SMHS) in 2005. His most important work on Halal, however, had been his research and findings on the Guide to Muslim Consumption in 2004. In his work, he reviewed classical categorizations of Halal food for Muslims that became a critical part of the Singapore Muis Halal standard, which in turn had been referenced by many other national standards around the world.

His profile and researches had resulted in many invitations to seminars and conferences in South East Asia and Middle East. He is now a gazetted member of the Council of Muis and Fatwa Committee of Singapore. He had also served in the board of the Singapore Religious Teachers and Scholars Association (PERGAS) as Secretary.